"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness" ~ Mark Twain

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Where in the world are Will & Vanessa?

Although it's still somewhat tentative, I wanted to share our aggressive travel itinerary for the next year. This way you have plenty of notice and no excuse to not visit us in Europe. If you don't want to come see us here in the lil' ol' town of Vitoria, then you can pick any of the other destinations on the newly added Travel Tracker and meet us there. See you soon!

Campeones de la Copa Mundial

We had a crazy weekend capped off with a thrilling win for Espana. We went down to the town plaza to watch the match outdoors with all the locals. It was such an exciting atmosphere and we certainly felt lucky to be here to experience the win.

Monday, July 26, 2010

MIT Media Lab in the Press

An interesting CNET article recently profiled the MIT Media Lab and the work that several groups are doing, including the City Car that Will's group is working on.

Article Link

Monday, July 12, 2010

Pamplona Festival

We were lucky enough to spend a day in Pamplona taking in the festivities of the week long Fiesta de San Fermin. We had an early start in order to get to there in time for the 8 AM Running of the Bulls (El Encierro). Though the lines along the narrow streets were already 10-15 people deep when we got there, we managed to get a glimpse of some runners and the backside of a bull. It's only a half mile long route so you really only see 10 seconds of the race if you can get a spot along the wooden rails the guide the bulls to the Plaza de Toros.

Though the view was limited that morning the energy wasn't. Hundreds of people were up celebrating and drinking- actually they probably never stopped from the night before. I expected to be overwhelmed but we had a very good experience. Surprisingly, there were lots of families out enjoying the marching bands and dancing in the town plaza.

Friday, July 9, 2010

European Travels

We've been making the best of our weekends to get out and get to know our surrounding areas. I've added a Photo Gallery section so you can view the pictures from our day trips to the some very amazing hidden jewels here in Northern Spain.

I'll also be adding a Travel Tracker section to keep a record of the places we've been and those still to come. So, feel free to use that calendar to plan you visits...yes we expect to have your company!

Suerte La Roja!

I thought the sports highlight of my summer was going to be the Lakers Championship, but it appears that that was only the beginning. It has been a nonstop celebration on this side of the Atlantic with Nadal's Wimbledon win last Sunday and this week's win for Spain.

It's safe to say that this weekend will be all chaos for us here in Espana. We're off to Pamplona on Saturday for the Running of the Bulls and back to Vitoria on Sunday to watch Spain in the World Cup Finals!